Saturday, March 20, 2021

TrishasWares: Handmade with Creativity, Passion, & Craft

Expressive, carefully crafted handmade Home Decor items, from both Trish and Ron Miller, display a unique part of their personality through the works that reflect their lives' journey.

What is TrishasWares?
Inspired by love and life adventures; fueled by coffee and grandchildren; eager to report "we're not done yet."

When life asked the question "what happens after retirement?", we answered with the next chapter in our lives–handmade. By combining our natural creativity, solid work ethic, and diversified life experiences over many decades of employment, we envisioned a legacy for our children and grandchildren. That's what inspired the creation of Trisha's Wares. From a small bedroom converted to crafting studio in southern New Jersey, we began to work out what unique products were meaningful to us and could bring happiness to others. Our strengths and weaknesses may differ, but our commitment to each other for over 40 years speaks to our slow but steady drive to succeed regardless of the challenges. We are simple people with no need for glitz and glamour, and hopefully what we design, and hand-craft with care, reflects our love and passion for God, family, children, and heartfelt country charm.