At the intersection of creativity, passion, and craft lies Trisha’s Wares. As a married couple, Ron and Trish certainly cannot be described as “always on the same page.” But perhaps that is what makes their long union of 40-years-and-counting work. Love for each other and family is, and always will be, at the root of their relationship and walk through life. This continued shared passion, as well as their differences, is reflected in the thought, craftsmanship, and pathways through the products they create.

As a leader of youth and adults for decades, Trish has needed to wear many hats. This inevitably inspired creative directions and solutions for the purposes of education and inspiration from preschool to tweens to adults. She continues to always think about what others need or wish to have. And as a spouse, parent, and grandparent, Trish has plenty of life experience to fuel her commitment to the crafting of handmade items that speak to her and others.

Ron’s path has been somewhat different as his artistic and creative inspirations began in childhood. As a result, he pursued many careers including graphic design, education, technology, and tennis instruction. The diversity of his experiences, along with his burning desire to put ideas from his head into reality, have guided him to be a very different but capable collaborator with Trish. His favorite axiom from Benjamin Franklin, “the eye of the master will do more work than both his hands”, continues to challenge him to greater heights of ingenuity, artistry, and workmanship in every product he either creates himself or those in which he works hand-in-hand with his lifetime partner, Trish.