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Nightmares and Living Life plaque

As difficulties arise and turn your world upside down, this 80’s inspired plaque reveals this sentiment as “Living Life Between the Nightmares.” Displayed in all capitals with an Art-Nouveau-influenced font, the message is emblazoned in red on a matte black background of foam board that rests in an 18” x 5” lightweight frame of the blood-curdling red. Raising your neck hair is the subtle but impactful gloss black lightning bolts weaving through and around the decorative serif typeface. While creeping by this unique plaque, both your viewing angle and available light make these shiny electrical discharges seem alive with their own shimmer. It's a great conversation piece, and it's ready to display, on the attached wall hanger, in a den, office, family room, or any teenage sanctuary. (Coming Soon!)


Heartfelt wood plaque w/insert wall decor
"family times are blessed"

several finishes available

Display wall decor with a heartfelt message: “Family times are blessed.” Enjoy this wooden plaque featuring matte chalkboard white, or matte chalkboard black foam core insert, with vinyl raised lettering, as it compliments any room thanks to its simple but elegant design and typography. The wooden lightweight frame is ready to hang as it includes mounted saw tooth hangers, and it can be purchased in a variety of finishes: black or white (painted), chestnut brown, or weathered grey (wood stain). Standard available combinations of Frame, Background, Type, and Arrow include: WHITE frame w/BLACK background, WHITE type and arrow; BLACK frame w/WHITE background, BLACK type and arrow; BROWN wood stain frame w/WHITE background, BLACK type, BROWN arrow; GREY (weathered) wood stain, w/WHITE background, BLACK type, GREY arrow. Perfect gift for any home, and especially meaningful to those who cherish family.

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