Tips & Tricks

 Here is where both knowledge and hand skills unite helping to solve various crafting conundrums or even unravel some material mysteries.
Most of this content is discovered through trial and error, error, error, more error, and then success.


1. Detailed cutting, on thick craft foam, with a Cricut®–cleanly!
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2. Tips & Tricks: Lint roller is your cutting mat's best friend
Cutting mats showing their massive buildup...READ MORE

3. Tips and Tricks: Now let’s get this straight! Using a T-square, ruler, and tape center mark
Ever have trouble getting your type lined up...READ MORE

4. Tips & Tricks: Maintaining consistency, when YOU are not hands-on, through tracing
Recently I was researching personality types...READ MORE

5. Tips & Tricks: using text in a layout to help align and space graphic elements
Cutting vinyl for a project, especially one color...READ MORE

6. Tips & Tricks: grey vs. black color assignment in Cricut Design Space
It’s a very common practice to import...READ MORE

7. Tips & Tricks: Custom grid overlays to assist in easier alignment and replication
Lining up type and graphics on projects is always...READ MORE