Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Special Projects: Dinosaur park Main Gate (not for sale)

For personal use only

Not every project is something for sale. Let's just say that, long before we decided to start an Etsy shop, some projects were completed without the intent of a repeat performance. Here is a recent project I created, last Christmas 2020, for our grandson Jayden. In this case, I wanted to re-create the main entrance to the park from an original dinosaur movie. 

Stone-look pillars and swinging wood-look doors
created and scaled for dinosaur playtime

This was created using a combination of foam core, chipboard, grey, red, and yellow vinyl, hot glue, metal hinges, and wood grain contact paper. The base is foam core and indoor/outdoor carpeting. Lots of cut files are in play for all the graphics done in a vector drawing program and exported as .svg files for a Cricut® cutter.

Created by Ron

This item is not associated with any known movie franchise, 
and I make no claims to any affiliations with known licensed properties.
For personal use only, not for sale.

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