Friday, August 20, 2021

Tips & Tricks: grey vs. black color assignment in Cricut Design Space

It’s a very common practice to import black text or graphic .svg files into Cricut Design Space. But when placing them into the screen mat mockup, the software places your black images onto a black mat. In order to fully use your vinyl material, you need to pay close attention to positioning your image on this screen. But for me, black on black only works in fashion and not when aligning vinyl. Therefore, before clicking “Make It” in Cricut Design Space, assign the image another color. Although I have not tried the entire palette, any level of grey seems to work fine. It will then place a darker grey image onto a lighter grey background. This makes positioning the images much easier to see and allows for greater precision. This should be automatic as I have not had this problem with any other color. But perhaps they will adjust this in a future update. Until then, this trick really helps.

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