Saturday, October 21, 2023

Learning: Graphic design fundamentals shared on the Create & Thrive Podcast with Jess Van Den

Earlier this year, I recorded Graphic Design fundamentals for the Create & Thrive Podcast with Jess Van Den who happens to live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. It was very exciting to record this episode due to her obvious handmade business savvy, creativity, and talent she brings as an entrepreneur and artist from the land down under. I am, of course, located in Southern New Jersey in the U.S., so our separation and differences included oceans, accents, and even centimeters vs. inches.

It was a great experience to share some of my 20 years of graphic design knowledge with her listeners, and I would like to point you in the direction of her excellent podcast both for this and other episodes. Her Etsy business, called Epheriell, is where Jess Van Den handcrafts beautiful and stylish jewelry, and her Create & Thrive business is where she helps others grow and prosper with their own handmade businesses.

Follow the provided link to hear our interview.

Podcast clarification points:

After listening to the finished podcast, I decided that certain points made regarding design principles and other items could benefit from additional clarification.

Time stamp / Details

16:24 / domain registrar

I use to register a number of website domains. For our business blog, we have registered

24:19 / Fonts vs. Typeface

Typeface: Helvetica - a san-serif typeface used commonly for text (similar to Arial)

Font: Helvetica Condensed Bold 9 point - a specific weight, style, or size of the Helvetica typeface

25:30 Mixing typefaces (consider the contrast between competing typefaces)

25:46 Logo creation for different formats, sizes, and colors

33:35 Vector vs. Bitmap

Bitmap images are made up of a series of pixels (making them ideal for photos and smooth transitions of tone and color).

Vector images are software-created and based on mathematical calculations (making them ideal for simple, clean-cut lines and shapes as well as perfect scaling to any size).

43:12 Character Spacing

Note: TYPEFACES of the same point size can appear very different in size
due to the nature of their individual font characters. For example, both
TYPEFACES used (Countryside & Clearface Gothic) are 80-point type.
The Countryside FONT does not contain any lower-case characters. 

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